"All children are Our Own"

With the youngest in mind, Grupa Topex has supported Fundacja Dom Rodzinnej Rehabilitacji Dzieci z Porażeniem Mózgowym (the Foundation for Family Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy) from Opole. The aim of the Foundation is to give patients specialist support, among others, medical care, rehabilitation and organization of social life.

One of the recent projects realized by the Foundation was the fete "All children are our own" - work, with which Grupa Topex had the pleasure to be involved. Within the framework of cooperation, the Foundation received tools necessary for the implementation of the project, small gifts in kind, as well as a high-quality tool set, which was put up for auction.

The fete was held on the 3rd of June at Plac Wolności in Opole. The event was accompanied by live music, theatre and dance performances. During the fete, medals "Serce Dziecku" were presented, and the event was ended with the performances of the bands "740 milionów oddechów" and "Bexa".

Fingers crossed for further activities of the Foundation and its brave charges!