We realize that one of the basic parameters for customers is the standard of how the product is made. That is why our tools are subjected to meticulous and rigorous controls. Currently, the products of our brands are subjected to 150 quality tests, the course of which are watched over by high class specialists - engineers and technicians. All this in order for our offered products to meet the expectations of consumers every time.

Product implementation

The first step is to check the prototype of the tool at the laboratory of Grupa Topex. In it product parameter compliance tests are carried out with the requirements resulting from their use. The opinion of experts is crucial for the further fate of the project. It is in the laboratory that decisions are made whether a new tool will meet customers' expectations and whether it will go onto the market, or whether the whole project will be kept on hold.

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Quality control

The basis for a good product is a good project. However, we must always make sure that the equipment supplied to consumers will be safe and adapted to specific tasks. A specialized cell at Grupa Topex takes care of this, which checks every tool batch leaving the factory.

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Laboratory and documentation

Our products are subjected to many rigorous quality tests. All are carried out using specialist control-measurement equipment. We believe that systematically acquired and documented knowledge is the basis for quality development. This is confirmed by tests carried out periodically by independent notifying entities, such as: the German TÜV, the Polish Research and Development Centre PREDOM, Eltest and the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification.

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Logistics – on time, on site

Our logistics solutions – your certainty of deliveries. The innovative Logistic Centre of Grupa Topex means an efficient system of 30,000 - 40,000 order lines a day capacity with two-shift operation. Central location enables us to process orders from any store in Europe at one location. Owing to that, the level of logistic services provided to our Customers in the whole of Europe is always efficient with 95% of the orders realised.