Medical care

In the interests of our employees' health and safety, we guarantee full private medical care. With access to highly qualified specialists and professional equipment, each of our employees can return to health quickly.

Trainings system

Training key competences of our employees translates to profits and development of Grupa Topex. Therefore, we offer our employees the opportunity to hone their skills during numerous trainings carried out by top-class professionals.

Sports package

In the interests of health and good condition of the employees, Grupa Topex has launched the programme Benefit System. Anyone, who chooses to participate in the programme, will have the opportunity to take advantage of unlimited access to more than 2000 sports venues all over the country.

Café program

This solution provides employees of the Grupa Topex individual selection of benefits within the available financial resources of the Labour Found of Social Benefits. Each employee, once a quarterly, chooses what he/she is interesting in. The beneficiaries may choose one of the following options: tickets to the cinemas and theaters, gift cards, additional vacation funds.