Customer’s Laurel for GRAPHITE power tools

GRAPHITE is a Polish leading brand of power tools and supplementary accessories. An effective quality monitoring system as well as extension of the offer have resulted in the products' popularity growing dynamically in recent years. This has been acknowledged with the 2013 Customer’s Laurel– the latest honour awarded to the brand.

It has been the second time that the GRAPHITE brand has been distinguished in the Revelation of the Year category. Improvement of the products’ quantity, modification of its image and continuing media activities were recognised by consumers and enabled them to discover the brand again.


Final decisions in the Customer’s Laurel contest are based on consumers’ opinions polled in the course of a multi-stage survey. In the course of telephone conversations, surveys and public opinion polls on popular industry and thematic websites there are selected brands and services which – from the consumers’ point of view – are the most innovative and worth recommendation. Minimum 1,000 votes are polled in each category of the Customer’s Laurel contest. However, the final verdict depends on the Verification Commission who – in the course of the decision-making process – also evaluates such aspects as, for instance, brand perception by the market and the dynamics of its growing popularity. Such ‘scrupulous’ methodology results in the fact that the National Contest of Products and Services Popularity – the Consumer’s Laurel – is currently the leading promotional project carried out in Poland.


- The GRAPHITE brand has always been founded on quality. The multi-stage quality monitoring system and consistent development have ensured an ongoing increase of our power tools’ reliability. This has also been the reason why users have been recommending them to others more and more frequently. GRAPHITE products have for years been arousing confidence because of their execution, and have been recommended by both sales persons and satisfied users who have decided to use them. Second Customer’s Laurel in the Revelation of the Year category is evidence that a brand from Poland can effectively compete with its foreign rivals, says Daniel Szafulera, Marketing Director with Topex Group, the owner of the brand.

GRAPHITE products already won awards in the Dobry Wzór (Good Design) and the Product Wykonawcy (Manufacturer’s Product) contests in 2011 and 2012, respectively.  In both cases, consumers praised the manufacturing quality, ergonomics, functional design and ease of use characterising power tools sold under this brand. The latest honour is yet another positive opinion on the development strategy which GRAPHITE has been pursuing.


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